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To give children the possibility to attend a school within its neighbourhood .Parents can work knowing their children are safe, to be created  employment in Isinga village

Membership shall be open for all independent of religion ethnic or political affiliation.  Member who would like to resign from society shall do in writing to the board. Membership fee is 100 Swedish Crowns annual, which is decided at the annual meeting.

The Board.
The board shall within the statutes work for the interest of members. Board consists of chairman, secretary, treasurer two ordinary members and four deputies.
The board appoints officials if a member resigns within term of office an ordinary member replaces the other one.

The board meets when the chairman or at least three of the ordinary members so decides. The board can only take decisions when at list three of the members are present. The chairman is the official spokesman, preside at the meetings and supervise that the statutes are observed. The secretary shall take care of the society correspondence, take minutes of meetings and draw up proposals of annual report.

The treasurer is the society official spokesman together with the chairman .The treasurer carry out payments for the society, keep account for society. The society account completes at annual bases and should be available to the accountant on the 30: of January at the latest.

Annual Meeting.

Annual meeting shall be hold in February additional meetings shall be hold when its necessary. Time and location of the meetings decides by the board .Notice to attend annual meeting shall be at latest 14 days before meeting.

All members has right on voting

Members cannot be excluded of other reason than that he has neglected to pay the society decided members fee or oppose the society activities, purposely or obviously damage the society name. Exclusion decision cannot be held until the members has had  an opportunity to speak to the board about the circumstance which has caused membership to have been questioned. Any complain of the exclusion shall be made at least one month before board meeting.

Application can be made by phone, writing or e-mail to members in board. Application of membership can be denied if the applicant does not agree with the policy of the society.
Decision to oppose an application can only be decided by the board, and that decision can not be delegated .Any disagreement should be made to the next board meeting.

Agenda Annual Meeting.
Ordinary annual meeting shall the following agenda apply: Chairman and treasurer can not resign at the same time.

  • A question if the meeting has an authorized announcement
  • Election of chairman and secretary for the meeting
  • Election of two people to justify chairman protocol
  • The board narration
  • The accountant narration
  • Question of freedom from responsibility for the board and for the time of accountant concern
  • Election of board and ordinary members
  • Chairman, secretary, treasurer, and two ordinary members.
  • Treasurer is elected for two years and other members for one year.
  • Four annual deputies
  • One accountant and deputy accountant for one year
  • Election committee: One ordinary and one deputy
  • Proposals from the board or to the board shall be available at least 14 days before the meeting. Proposals about change of statutes or break-up of the society have to be available at least 30 days in advance

The activities are led by the board which can appoint people for different activities. Board calls meetings two times a year.

Question about statutes.
Proposals about change of statutes  or about break-up of society can only be taken up at the annual meeting, approval of such proposal have at least 2/3 of members entitled to vote be present.

Society, Assets and break-up.
Under society break-up all Assets should be donated for the best of Isinga Village

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