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Founder - Veronica Bergbom

“Socius came to me as a dream, I always have love for children and helping them access the basic education is just the least I can do to help them expand their opportunities.

I was born and also grew up in Isinga Village, Kangundo, Eastern part of Kenya which lays 70km from Nairobi Capital City. In this region I have always seen the plight children go through while accessing the basic education.

All children from the age of 6 years have the right to start school. In this region which is occupied by the Akamba people, we’ve got a few schools which are run by the government and other schools are run private. Before Socius School started children had to walk for long distances to access the nearest school.

Socius School Project started in December of 2004 in my own village. The school was opened on the 2006-01-30 for children between the ages 3-6 years. The school has 59 children but has the capacity for 150. The school has so many girls as boys. We have at present four qualified teachers.

Development, 2011-01-03: Socius School has started with two classes, standard 1 and 2. Each class has a capacity of 40 children; School is planning to build more classes up to standard 8.

I have done a little, there is so much more to be done and that’s why I am appealing to friends, relatives, well wishers, local and international donors, companies and other non-governmental organizations to help make this shining dream come true, I know you feel a deep personal joy and satisfaction. No matter how large or small your gift may be, it is deeply valued. Your financial encouragement means so much as we work together to make a splendid tomorrow for the greatest gift of all children”

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