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Kenya being a fast developing Country in East Africa attracts so many tourists because of its nice geographical features, nice hotels, good roads, clear beaches, clean towns and cities, animal parks and orphanages, and the cultural events makes every tourist visiting Kenya longing for more time to stay.

Here are pictures of some of the Animals found in Kenya's parks and animal orphanages.

  Elephant at Nairobi park African Lion at Maasai Mara
  The big hippo   Hippo in River Tana
  Antelope Impala at Serengeti
  Leopard at Maasai Mara   Cheetah at Maasai Mara
  Bongo at Nairobi Park   Nile Crocodile
  African Baboon   Buffalos at Serengeti
  Zebra shows love   Cheetah - Fast runner
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